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State Trooper walks while Motorcyclist Suffers

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1State Trooper walks while Motorcyclist Suffers Empty State Trooper walks while Motorcyclist Suffers on Mon Jun 08, 2009 12:30 pm


The story you never heard of, or maybe heard very little about ...

My name is Ryan Sutter. I am a 38 yr old husband and father of 2. I
just met a member of your organization in Chili as he was headed to a
charity ride in Charlotte. On August 16, 2008, I decided to take a
motorcycle ride out to Charlotte for an ice cream. My wife had a
migraine and decided to skip the ride, so I went solo (Thank God!). I
had my ice cream and came back down (south) on Lake Ave. The rest I
don't remember because of my injuries.

As I crossed over Main St., Frank Murray (retired State Trooper) was
heading north and tried to make a left turn. The light was yellow, and
Frank cut me off. I bounced off of his car and suffered serious
injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, broken sternum, broken
ribs, collapsed left lung, required surgery on my right hand and major
surgery on my left knee/leg. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks, 3 of those
days being in the ICU. I was able to rent a hospital bed (so that I
could get up) for another 2 months so that I could go recover at my
parents place.

The amazing thing is that 2 hours after Frank hit me on my motorcycle,
he hit and killed a pedestrian on Genesee St. He refused a sobriety
test. A warrant had to be obtained to get a blood test for his BAC.
After 2 hours of sobering up, Frank had a BAC of .05. He was obviously
drunk when he killed the pedestrian. And he was most likely drunk when
he almost took my life.

The police did everything they could to cover up....... they knew they
should have tested him for drinking at my accident. As a result of
their failure, Harry Thornton died. I'm pretty sure the police gave
Frank a "professional courtesy" after he waived his credentials at my
accident. In addition to not making Frank blow, they indicated that the
accident was my fault on the accident report. They said I was
speeding. I've had 1 traffic ticket in 22 years of driving and none on
the motorcycle. I don't speed ..... especially when I'm a few hundred
yards from City Hall! I also took the safety course at MCC to get my
license. I understand the dangers of motorcycling more than most. The
one and only witness said I actually slowed down, not speed up (see
attached story/link).


The only reason this ever got to Channel 10 is because my parents made a
stink. The media/public would have never known.

A story was released by the D & C stating that the police withheld the
Frank's name, etc. from the public and that it was a mistake to do so.
They also never reported or shared my accident information with the
press because they knew it would cause an uproar. In addition to
this, the DA never even mention my accident in front of the Grand Jury
for the death of Harry Thornton because they didn't want to embarrass
the police. The assistant DA said this! I did everything I could to
help the Grand Jury case, including provide the name of the bar Murray
was drinking at prior to either accident! The DA's detective confirmed
this information! The Grand Jury dismissed the charges and Frank Murray
is on the street after maiming one and killing another within 2 hours of
each other. I have a pending civil suit against Frank and should be
successful. Vehicles making a left turn at a yellow light MUST yield to
oncoming traffic. It's the law, black and white!

I am still disabled with various injuries, but I am doing much better.
I am writing your organization to ask for your help in publicizing this
story. I have no interest in anything else. The police covered their
butts because they screwed up royally and gave special treatment to one
of their own.

They say it only happens in the movies, but now I know this stuff is for
real. I'll try to forward more links if I can find them. Most have
aged and are no longer available. I look forward to your response and
any ideas that you and your organization may have to bring this story to
the publics attention.

If my case goes to trial, I will be looking to assemble picketers and
would love your help in that regard too. I would supply the signs.


Ryan S. Sutter

The Big Cahuna

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