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Planned ABATE Protest from Our State Presidentof ABATE RoadKill

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+Please be advised that a public protest by ABATE of New York is planned to coincide with the upcoming Empire State Law Enforcement Traffic Safety (ESLETS) Conference in East Syracuse on May 6th, 2009. (The ESLETS Conference is scheduled for May 5 & 6.)

For 2009, the New York State Police (NYSP) have indicated the continued likelihood of their "innovative" GTSC-funded Roadblock Initiative, with troops stating they'd be participating in the statewide effort to improve motorcycle safety, and referencing several popular motorcyclist gatherings, including Americade and the Harley Rendezvous.

At the ESLETS Conference on Wednesday, May 6, 2009 from 8:00am - 9:00am, NYS law enforcement representatives will present the following "Hot Motorcycle Topics": Intelligence Gathering, V & T Enforcement, and DMV Initiatives & Updates.

To exemplify your tax dollars at work, it should be noted that the full cost of attendance by law enforcement personnel at the conference, including meals, is fully supported by grant funding and offered free to law enforcement personnel.

Coincidentally, also on Wednesday, May 6, 2009 from 8:00am - noon, ABATE of New York will be presenting its own "Hot Topics" via picket of the ESLETS Conference. Come one, come all. (Bring donuts!)

ABATE of New York is applying for a public assembly permit to conduct an informational picket/protest on 5/6/09 outside of the ESLETS Conference at the Double Tree Hotel and Conference Center where the event is scheduled. We anticipate media coverage of our protest, which again presents itself as an excellent opportunity for ABATE to achieve results by publicly arguing our stands. It is hoped that we're able to exemplify the continued irony of New York State's misdirection of designated motorcycle safety funds to the enforcement efforts being fostered at the Empire State Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Conference being conducted inside.

Motorcyclists are of the informed opinion that their designated motorcycle safety funding, mandated through their raised motorcycle registration fees, should be used for motorcycle safety TRAINING initiatives, not motorcycle safety ENFORCEMENT initiatives.

In a nutshell, moneys are still simply being directed to enforcement. Wrapping enforcement in the guise of safety, however, doesn't make anyone safer because training needs are being underfunded. We should continue to argue that our designated safety funds should be used for safety purposes not enforcement purposes.

I anticipate issuance of a Press Release for distribution shortly.

Please plan to attend the protest on Wednesday, 5/6/09 from 8:00am - noon, and share the ensuing press release widely to obtain maximum support of our efforts.

Following is general information regarding the Empire State Law Enforcement Traffic Safety (ESLETS) Conference we will be picketing.

Double Tree Hotel and Conference Center
6301 State Route 298
East Syracuse, NY 13057

Conference Information

Also, on the long-range radar, is the annual New York Highway Safety Symposium which we picketed last year in Syracuse. This year it is scheduled for mid-October in Saratoga Springs; however, an agenda will not be issued until July. Likely date for this future picket, if necessary, is either 10/19/09 or 10/20/09.

Ride on.

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