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confiscation bill- update

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1confiscation bill- update Empty confiscation bill- update on Thu May 21, 2009 8:31 am


Good evening all,

I just wanted all to know as the topic of the confiscation bill is the issue here that I received a phone call today from Senator Defransico himself, Not an aide surprising as it was, He was asking what we as ABATE felt was a fair time line to have the return of the bike in question as well as what we would ask about the stolen parts. As some of you may or may not know I was with the Sherriffs Dept for many years untill an unfurtunate accident while on duty that has made me disabled from performing my duties for the rest of my life. But back to the answer I gave to him. The first thing I expessed was that if there is a stolen part and the bike that is taken it would stand to reason that an investigation should really take no longer than 30 days and if there is some sort of reciept where the part was purchased and from whom then the burden should fall on the person who sold that part not the bike owner and so 30 days should be more than fair. He seem to agree with this answer and said he would do his best to support this bill. He also was very intersted in the imformation I gave him on the road blocks and had alot of questions.. I put together a packet for the politions I met with on Monday and that was among the information I gave all the imformation I have on Operation5060 and he was quite interested and appauled at the same time and feels this is very unfair to all bikers. So I guess it seems that in some form or anouther we did make an impact on Monday and patts on the back to everyone for a great job. and lets not loose sight of what we all are fighting for.

The Big Cahuna

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