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1MSF and DMV a MESS Empty MSF and DMV a MESS on Fri May 22, 2009 1:49 pm


I've been informed that the MSF has yet to complete their takeover of the motorcycle training in New York! Here it is May, and there's no formal program in place. Riders are taking the course, but not receiving certificates, and lord knows if they ever will!

None of the existing sites have received accreditation, nor is it known if they will, and it's believed that the MSF will not be providing motorcycles to sites that finally do receive accreditation! In short, it's a mess!


Here's info from a concerned New Yorker that explains more:

The following reflects the facts concerning the actions of the DMV and the MSF regarding the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program.

These points were originally raised in late January, 2009 and here it is the latter part of May and there is still no resolution.

To understand how this disaster came to be, one must first look to the events on May, 2008 when the DMV fist enacted changes to the VTL that tailored the requirements for the MSF to come into the bidding process.

To recap all these issues:

1) The change to the VTL to determine who could bid on the NYS contract was done because tuition cost was a concern. Now tuitions will be up to and over 100% higher for the students and will go up again after 2 years.

2) DMV stated they changed the VTL to also encourage competition, yet contracted with an organization that immediately uses their power to eliminate all competitors.

3) DMV's own Mission Statement includes the point of making the program more affordable, yet they just significantly increased costs to the student, reduced benefits to the student and put pressure on exiting training locations to find motorcycles that aren't readily available and invest upwards of $50,000 per range with no guarantees of a contract.

4) MSF has no plan in place to support the military and law enforcement programs. Likewise, the DMV has no answers on how this will be resolved.

5) The MSF has a conflict of interest in being asked to oversee and evaluate the very curriculum they wrote.

6) The MSF will offer less curriculum and training programs than before.

7) The MSF is the sole marketer and seller of materials that must be purchased for the curriculum that they demand is used in the Program.

Cool The MSF is self-insuring and mandates use of their insurance company.

9) The MSF has a conflict of interest since they are funded by the motorcycle manufacturers.

10) Even if the MSF was ordered to recognize other curriculums, they are in no legal or ethical position to do so objectively or appropriately.

11) The PIRP requirement is a federally recognized accident prevention course. So much so that people are ordered by a court to take these courses. Removal of this important element does not enhance the program. As a matter of fact, it weakens it significantly.

12) The MSF has policies in place that require sensitive training data be shared with them. They then can, and indeed have, used this very data (not normally available to the general public) to effect a takeover of these businesses.

13) The MSF still has no business presence in NYS.

14) The Americade Rally for this year is already lost and there is high= probability that the State Fair will be lost as well.

15) The DMV violated their own rules and regulations by waiting almost a month after the Contract Award Date to announce the winner of the contract. Additionally, they also ignored the rules and regulations set forth on what actions had to be taken if said date needed to be changed.

16) To date, there has been no road test waivers issued to any students that took the course this year.

17) There is nothing in place to reprint Road Test Waivers or PIRP cards for past students

18) Even though it was a requirement of the RFP to detail the full transition plan, there has been no information released that such a plan even exists.

19) The DMV flatly denied all offers from MANYS to help with the transition and continue to provide services that were not covered under the MSF.

20) The DMV (and specifically, the Program Manager, Bill Pautler) hasn’️t released a full end of season annual program report since 2000.

21) The DMV has never released the information necessary to conduct a course evaluation study to determine the effectiveness of the safety program (despite that this is a regulation and requirement).

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