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June is Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month in New York ????

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My name is Brad Swartz and I work in the DMV Motorcycle Safety Program with Bill Pautler.

Bill asked me to drop you a line regarding your request.

Please be aware that June has been named as Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month in New York . This is a departure from previous years where May has traditionally been named as motorcycle safety month.

A Governors proclamation to that effect is being prepared. As soon as it is available, we"ll post it on the GTSC website for download and local use: http://www.safeny.com/

I don't know if you are aware that the Monroe County Traffic Safety Office has a motorcycle education, safety and awareness component in their Traffic Safety program this year? If not, feel free to contact Jean Triest, I'm sure she'd be happy to establish new partnerships as they present themselves.

You can reach her at (585) 753-3016 or by email at: JTriest@...

Also of interest, DMV is also in the midst of producing a video (PSA) aimed at older and experienced motorcyclists to promote experience rider training. It will be called “Learning is for Life”. Middle aged and older riders (I am one) are more likely to be involved in personal injury and fatal MC crashes than other riders. As a result, the video will promote taking the MSF Experienced RiderCourse (ERC) in order to re-develop skills lost over time and with age, and to diminish bad riding habits. We plan to distribute copies throughout the state when the production is done. We hope that our local partners will take the video and find airtime within their communities. Partnerships with motorcycle organizations and clubs will be an important part of promoting the video, which will also heighten awareness to motorcycles with the general public.

Finally, I'm attaching an article that was printed in GTSC’️s Winter Safety Matters newsletter that describes methods that can be used to establish local motorcycle safety, education and awareness programs at the local level. You may find that useful as well.

The DMV Motorcycle Safety program staff is also committed to reducing serious and fatal motorcycle injuries by promoting motorcycle safety, education and awareness.

The Watch for Motorcycles bumper stickers have been ordered, but we have not received them yet.

This year, we anticipate having 3 different varieties of motorcycle safety related bumper stickers available for distribution; 2 with safety slogans (including the Watch for Motorcycles version) and 1 with an anti-alcohol/ riding message. The two new ones are being designed now and we'll order them when finalized

When the bumper stickers arrive, I expect to ship a large quantity to Jean for distribution within Monroe County . Jean is also active with the Monroe County Traffic Safety Board and works closely with Ron Hinz, the Learn 2 Ride MSF Site Administrator in Monroe and Onondaga Counties .

Thank you for your interest and have a safe summer.

Brad V. Swartz

Name: Brad Swartz

Assistant State Administrator / Project Manager

Driver Training Programs- Motorcycle Safety Program (MSP)

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

Rm. 412, #6 Empire State Plaza

Albany, NY 12228

"Rider Education, an Investment YOU can live with..."

Visit the NYS DMV Internet Office at:


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