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Who we are

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1 Who we are on Tue Feb 03, 2009 5:13 pm


Promoting Motorcycle Safety, Awareness, & Education

ABATE of New York is a corporation, not a "motorcycle club". We are a group of individuals from different backgrounds coming together to ensure that the motorcycling lifestyle will still be an enjoyable lifestyle for our children and grandchildren. We do this by making sure that motorcyclists' point of view is presented to our legislators.

We encourage all our members to be informed, registered voters. We write letters to our elected officials and stay aware of what is going on with motorcycle legislation, education and other transportation issues. We spread the word about motorcycle safety, awareness, and education. And to do that we have events and motorcycle runs.

Yes, we sit at meetings each month but we also ride our motorcycles ... a lot! A member is not required to attend meetings but we do like to see all your smiling faces!

Anyone interested in motorcycling may attend our meetings and events. We don't all ride motorcycles, but the majority of us do share this interest.

Very Happy


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