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Americade 2009 June 1-6 in Lake George NY

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1Americade 2009 June 1-6 in Lake George NY Empty Americade 2009 June 1-6 in Lake George NY on Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:03 pm


26th Annual event in the beautiful Adirondack Park!

Official Site:


Hard to believe that I first started going to this rally
25 years ago on my '82 Yamaha 550cc Maxim Exclamation

The Good:
Good riding, scenery, food, choices for places to stay,
event planning, vendor booths and demo rides.

The Bad:

Usually rains 50% of the week, not exactly a party crowd,
pricey fees to attend official events ($10 just to get into
the vendor tents to buy food & stuff).

The Ugly:

Lake George Chamber of Commerce still insists on milking
bikers of their hard earned dough and charge for parking
($6 weekly parking sticker is available).

The Horrible:

The State Boys continue to be a pain in the A$$ and put
up mandatory road blocks to check only bikes and bikers (can
you say profiling). For several years they just checked for
load pipes, inspections, and valid plates but last year they were checking for
DOT helmet stickers (unofficial ones are a buck in the tents - if you
make it into town).

Local cops are out in full force too with fresh ticket books
and will not hesitate to hand them out for wheelies, burnouts,
DUIs, disorderly conduct, public nudity etc.

IMHO this heavy handed policing activity is condoned (and maybe even
encouraged) by the Town of Lake George to discourage "certain disreputable
elements" of the biker community from disrupting their quaint little village.

Anyway, play it safe and make sure you & your bike are legal
and do your hard core partying at your hotel or camp site (quietly
too unfortunately).

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